Keaira LaShae Releases One of Her Most Emotive Visuals to Date with “Real One”

With the recent release of the Surviving R. Kelly series spearheading this visuals premier, Keaira LaShae touches on abuse in all its facets and the damaging aftermath. “Real One”, one of the hit singles off her Purple Crowns EP, hearkens with the pain and lyrical depth necessary to convey such an imperative message and the visual brings the records imagery around full circle. LaShae puts on a stunning, fervent performance ,alongside model and actor Kellen Marcus, doused in the intent to empower women that  have been abused, used and belittled amid gifting them the strength to fight back.

You feel the intensity of this record due to her undeniably poignant execution!

Keaira LaShae reflects on this visual release, “Watching #SurvivingRKelly  brought out some feelings that I thought I should share… I was trying  to figure out the right time to put this video out because it’s such a  heavy subject. Especially in the black community. Abuse is not an easy  thing to talk about. No matter what type of abuse it is. Whether it’s  sexual, mental, physical or emotional.. I wanted to shed light on this  because it’s something that people are ashamed to discuss, particularly  black women because for some reason, people always find a way to BLAME  us. I grew up in a home filled with ABUSE.. I wasn’t personally abused  but the people I loved were getting abused behind closed doors. I didn’t  realize it until I was around 14. I was ANGRY, SAD, CONFUSED and  DISAPPOINTED. I didn’t understand how someone could get  abused and STAY. I didn’t understand why someone would blame themselves  instead of realizing that they were the VICTIM. I created this visual to  hopefully inspire women to be STRONG and LEAVE the situation. I know  it’s easier said than done but I wanted to at least try. Please STOP  bullying the victims and accusing them of lying. You have NO idea what  people do behind closed doors. No matter how successful, rich, charming,  or talented a person is, they can be F***eD UP too.. To the girls/women  in a horrible abusive situation, I pray that you get the strength and  help that you need to GET OUT‼️”

We need records like “Real One” to shed light on reality instead of inconsequential, hollow content soused in auto-tune. LaShae, a mother, entrepreneur, author, fitness guru and conspicuous artist, rattles the industry amidst creating a compelling call to action. Check out her riveting release below.

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