Devvon Terrell Releases His Highly Anticipated and Already Popular New Single “She a Dub”

Frequently featured artist Devvon Terrell releases his highly anticipated single “She a Dub” and it’s already a fan favorite. The track released early to some fans who creatively participated in his #SheADubChallenge with the official unveiling today. When a hit record ,such as this one, collides with a hashtag frenzy of a challenge it equals viral proportions.

Real ones stay around through the ups and downs, turmoil and sunshine. However, fake love pops up when it’s convenient for the “receiving” party. Devvon Terrell has a message for all the dubs out there, “All my exes looking like ghosts, only see em’ when I make a post, now that I got you I feel better, I look at them, I look at you, oh that’s a step up.” New year, new leveling up.

The self-directed visual and ‘Birdbox’ parody inspired visual swanks in Terrell’s obvious flair for satirical and comedic works. This epic video partnered with the catchy, shoulder rotating and ‘shoot’ heavy dance stylings gifts this record that international appeal. Check out his first release of 2019 available on all music distribution sites, visual below.

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