Tobe Nwigwe, recently featured on my ‘Artists to Watch Out for in 2019’ list, releases his first single and visual of the year with “Against the Grain” featuring Madeline Edwards. It’s records like this that prove why he’s a definite artist to indulge in. Lyrically, his listening experience hearkens like cultural jewels, beautiful pride and unapologetic consciousness.

Madeline Edwards sings, “Cause you were made to, do what no one’s done and though they shade you, you shine like the sun.” The African-American people are one of the few that bloom without the sun and sprout without the proper watering. “Against the Grain,” auscultates like the perfect introduction to the new year. A record drenched in confidence, defiance, realizations and the constant desire for higher living, higher intelligence, higher evolution. End cyclical curses of missing parents, wrong-doing and intellectual poverty – create your own destiny. Your personal expansion depends on your incessant yearning for education, cognizance, leader mentalities and the fitting indulgence of acts that benefit your road to excellence.

Nwigwe raps, “Tryna change my Mama geographical coordinates, cause, cause she made it out the village she deserve the tropics and I was raised around them killers you know, round them rockets, where they’d put metal to yo mouth just like an orthodontist, no gas at all I went from convict to being a comet.”

Nwigwe blows his competition to smithereens with his unparalleled pen game, consistency and elocution. Check out his latest release below.

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