Mulatto Stepping on Necks with New Single & Visual “B**** From Da Souf”

Southside Atlanta bred MC, Mulatto reminds fans and naysayers alike that she’s a baddie with that gutter Southern aura in her new single “B**** From Da Souf.”

You read that song title right; now pronounce it as such.

Some people associate Atlanta with mere mumble rap and gaudy chains but it’s rappers like Mulatto that lay that claim to rest. No novice to the music industry from with her ikonic victory on ‘The Rap Game’ to her self titled EP Mulatto. This recent release swanks in her growth, maturity and obvious allure. The clearly grown star matches her hair with her Porsche thus it’s new levels for the “Real a**, rich a***, B**** from Da Souf.”

Ikonic lyrics:

I’ont move if they ain’t paying like some bus fare

Know that the promoter cut the check if I was there

B****s got a problem, line em’ up like I cut hair

I need it Paid in Full like Keisha

Rappers in my DM I aint’t f***in for a feature

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