IKONIC VISUAL: Anna Clendening Won’t Give Life to a “Dead End” Relationship

Anna Clendening, represents that deep pocket of artists drenched in unparalleled lyrical tendencies amid an extraordinary knack for story-telling. With previous successful tunes like “Boys Like You” and “To My Parents,” she’s set the tone for the depth of music you can expect from her. The genre may shift but the intellect and penned intensity will not waver.

Her recent release “Dead End” reveals a tale of betrayal, infidelity, realizations, strength and separation. Real love shouldn’t hurt. It shouldn’t lie. It shouldn’t cheat. It shouldn’t weaken you but strengthen you, encourage you, support you. However, that kind of love appears to be a rarity and Clendening details the menace of love and an adulterous fool that didn’t recognize her worth. She sings, “You lie in my sheets, then lie to my face, I lie through my, teeth and say I’m okay , won’t settle for second place .” Her awakening has come and her journey to leave has just begun.

The visual amalgamates the worlds of dance and music – the perfect unity. The Chapel Hill, NC native gifts us a stunning performance truly bringing her written imagery to the forefront. Check it out below and also listen to her new single “Invisible” as well, available on all music distribution sites.

Ikonic lyrics:

Scrolling through my thoughts
At the edge of regret, got my hands on my head
I gotta cut you off
Hope it hurts you like it hurt me
You’re gonna have to stop getting so used to me
Always crawling back to, let you get the best of me

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