KROWNS Releases Stunning Debut EP ‘Fake It’

KROWNS last featured for their ageless single “HIGH WHILE THE WORLD ENDS,” returns with their debut EP Fake It. In a generation consumed and partially demolished by numbness and excessive drug use, KROWNS lyrically taps into their subconscious thoughts that relate to those in need of strength, determination and a dose of reality. The amalgamation of indie-rock, soul and alternative tendencies makes this project a riveting collaborative effort.

KROWNS sings in ‘ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD,’‘“Vandalizing this masterpiece with catastrophes, broken symphonies, castles built on tragedy, we’re home.” Lyrically this project is enchanting, reflective, poetically astonishing and refreshing.

KROWNS reflects, “Processing my past through confessional-style pieces, I took these truths to Grammy Award-winning producer Stephen Kozmeniuk, and Todd Clark, to begin crafting the songs that make up our debut FAKE IT EP.

It is the honesty in these stories that will empower you to rise above your own feelings of oppression in the world.”

Take a listen to their debut release below.

FAKE IT EP is out today via Apple Music / SoundCloud / Spotify

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