Grace Carter Unleashes a Piece or her Subconscious in “Heal Me”

The best music churns in the depths of our experiences , darkest moments and painful but necessary epiphanies. British singer-songwriter Grace Carter releases this emotive and beautifully penned new single “Heal Me,” a riveting tale of grip loosening, burnt out human chases and regaining control of self. This vocally explosive tune brims in her diary-like reflections and revelations.

Grace Carter reflects, “I spent a long time looking in the mirror and not recognising myself; I spent a long time asking questions; I spent a long time chasing someone I thought I needed for all of the answers. Writing this song was an important moment for me. It felt like a massive turning point where I really took back my control for the first time in my life. We all tend to want the things we can’t have and for me that really rung true. I spent a long time chasing this person because they were half of me and I was a piece of them. But this song was written on the day I realised I never needed them, because I never actually had them. It’s a song about owning your happiness and not being reliant on others to give you the love you deserve.”

You can only be you. Be the best you possible and relenquish any demons determined to grip onto the best parts of you for their gain. The soulful crooner speaks to her own strength that was ever present but buried beneath the deepness of her longing for a hold on what she never truly had a hold of in the first place. Take a listen to Carter’s latest release below, maybe it will heal a wound for you as well. 

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