Zacari Releases his Debut Vibe with “Don’t Trip”

The Kendrick Lamar “Love” featured superstar Zacari releases his highly anticipated debut single “Don’t Trip.” The J-Louis and Teddy Walton produced vibe lyrically details the young crooner telling his love not to trip over the petty things for the aftermath may be unnecessary when Zacari clothed his actions in honesty. “Don’t Trip” isn’t just a song but a record that has infectious stuck-on-repeat tendencies. Music category wise, this record doesn’t fit into a neat box of just hip-hip or soul but the creatively messy box of just creating sound and letting the lyrical memories flood the sonic waves. 

After reaching 50 Million Spotify streams last year, “Don’t Trip” proves that this year shall be promising as well. Zacari reflects, “I literally been recording songs for the past three years without releasing anything. It’s crazy to finally put something out.” Good music always sounds like time well spent. Zacari’s patience and diligence pays off; take a listen below. 

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