Ikonic Visual: Young Deuces Releases Contentious Visual to “The Lie”

Subsisting in a time period where the year appears advanced but the racism and bigotry appears 1960’s, it’s an arduous task for African American survival – literal survival and otherwise.

Midwest artist Young Deuces releases his new visual for “The Lie,” the latest single from his album My Unapologetic Black Thoughts. The K. Mel Beatz produced record brims with thought-provoking lyricism detailing the current police brutality, injustices, racism and prejudice present in our modern society.

Some musicians are afraid of depth because they are shallow.

Young Deuces gallant pen game and sonic dexterity places him on a higher music playing-field. The visual chronicles a father dropping his daughter, child actress Brielle Delane, off at school but picking her up from school becomes an impossible task when he’s gunned down by a police officer. This happens all too often and even with videos from witnesses it’s not enough to incarcerate these callous , cowardly murderers. The racial inequity may never end but we don’t have to be silent during the battle. Indulge in his latest release below.

“I’m really excited for this video and visual.  The song was inspired by the many unlawful killing of African American men& women, so it holds an important place on my album.  I wanted to ensure that the video was just as powerful as the song, and I think we got it right with this one.  The whole vibe and tone to it pulls you in and you really feel the anxiety and heartbreak of the whole story.  – Young Deuces”

For inquires contact  Maal Himself

Phone  414-233-3173 –  MaalHimself@gmail.com  – www.YoungDeuces.com




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