Dani Le Rose Releases a Dauntless Sexually Expressive Single with “SHELLSHOCK”

  Photo by    @zeustate
Photo by @zeustate

Sexuality like skin is inevitable. Dani Le Rose’s new single “SHELLSHOCK” is a vividly penned representation of female sexual expression and the intrepid breakthrough of blatant carnal desires induced by women.

In the “SHELLSHOCK” video, the main character is so desperate to escape the daily monotony of her life that she would rather destroy her husband than speak her truth. Some people carry their longing for sex and passion like a burden-filled tote but no such guilt should be hauled around.

Sonically this record is permeated by versatile and diverse vocal executions amid climaxing production with a pop, soul and rock vibe. We need more artist like Rose, those doused in valorous intentions and a desire to curate music that delivers a message and possibly unravels some feathers. Check out her latest release below.

Ikonic lyrics:

Grab me with your gaze
A gazelle gunnin’ game
Got a full tank wrapped up high on a flame
I don’t even know your name
Words in my ear getting loud like a siren
Locked on a spell but you ain’t got millage
Sherlock baby
Tied up case, gonna let you wait


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