RVNNERS Confront Addiction, Failure and Redemption in New Single “Through the Wall”

If music isn’t personal, if it doesn’t allow your mind to drift to imagery brimmed recollections and drenched thoughts – you haven’t dug deep enough.

Toronto, Canada-based group RVNNERS dig deep in their new single “Through the Wall,” the first single off their forthcoming EP. The Crispin Day produced single hearkens like a penned and aural view of the struggles of addiction, failure, and redemption. Don’t let the lighthearted production and instant head-bob tendencies distract you from this records depth. It’s the perfect synthesis of a classic, catchy rock, bluesy, pop anthem with the lyrical intensity of a country tune. We all face demons some self-induced others inevitable but we must face them nonetheless.

Andrew Cameron – ¼ of RVNNERS reflects,“Through The Wall” was written after years of getting sober, medication, and work. I had this image of a ghost pacing back and forth behind a wall that no one could see, trying to get out. “Through The Wall” is being released at a time where I feel almost normal. After nearly 15 years of addiction, hitting rock bottom, to entering recovery, it finally feels over. I want to dedicate this song to anyone struggling in life –  whether it be with chronic pain, BPD, depression, self harm, anxiety, surviving abuse, trying to make a life out of less than nothing.”

Their forthcoming EP is in the works thus in the meantime indulge in their latest release below.

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