Kiyanne Gifts Us Nothing but Bars in New Record “Henny Nights”

“I see you jealous how I pen it but you gotta understand it, this is my house here and you are just a tenant.” – Kiyanne “Henny Nights”

Henny-thing is possible when you’re talented. To new fans, Kiyanne is the fiery Love and Hip Hop New York reality star but to her true fans she’s revered as an undeniably skilled MC who’s known for annihilating her competition in 60 second freestyles over instrumentals such as Ella Mai’s “Boo’d Up,” Lil Pumps “Gucci Gang” and DMX’s “What They Really Want” to name a few. The New York bred MC releases her first record of the year with “Henny Nights,” a lyrically charged track doused in plucky penned wit, staying-power and overweening metaphors that remind us of her high level of aptitude for music.

She also addresses her record deal on the table by rapping, “Now stop asking questions like why Kiyanne ain’t sign yet / They been fronted that paper it’s just that a b**** ain’t sign yet.” What you can hear in Kiyanne’s music is not only her passion but her pain. The Shatek directed visual reveals her pretty tom-boy side amid her stunning femininity.

She’s not afraid to be gritty and pretty.

With her lyrical hardness and aesthetically breathtaking allure she’s the perfect fusion. Kiyanne reminds us of that on-the-corner rap battle flow with a dash of modernity, personal narrative and hunger. She won’t be a momentary artist because music with substance and intent-filled content never goes out of style.

This is the year the world gets to hear her pulse.

She’s not letting up anytime soon. Check out her latest lyrical assassination below.

Ikonic lyrics:

I’m hearing that my reputation stuck up and not friendly

If I’m always in somebody face how I’m ‘posed to get that Bentley

How I’ma feed my son and stay away from my past

I’m focused on the prize I can’t afford to come in last

How you feel in secret you won’t say in public / be real

Instead of a high-five how ‘bout I tag you like you retail

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