Biig Piig Releases a Big Vibe with New Single “Nothing Changes”

West London singer and rapper Biig Piig releases her latest vibe with “Nothing Changes,” a neo-soul aura with a hip-hop bounce and a smooth ride. The songwriter’s second EP Big Fan Of The Sesh, Vol.2 is in the works and its records like this one that make fans excited about her full body release. This record lyrically dances over gloomy cycles, love, a desire for change and brawny cravings for fresh starts. Her stunning vocals and stirring delivery gifts this track stuck-on-repeat tendencies.

Biig Piig reflects on the record,“…about falling into a pattern and not being able to break it – like wanting to start fresh and change your path for the sake of yourself and person you love, but finding yourself in the same place with the same end result. Like a shitty version of Groundhog Day.”

Ikonic lyrics:

Nothing changes every day’s the same
Running round in circles tryna clear my name
At the bottom of the bottle / I’m in trouble again
There’s a light across the tunnel /I just can’t see the end
When you found me in the rubble
All I need is a friend

Listen to “Nothing Changes” below or on your preferred music distribution platform.

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