Ezri Gives the First Child Take on his Freestyle w/ The L.A. Leakers

L.A. Leakers, Justin Credible and DJ Sourmilk , consistently check the pulse of hip-hop by bringing forth some of your favorite MC’s and those you may not know to freestyle for them. Their back with Freestyle #069 to kick off this beautiful Black History Month.

Bars are in this season. Cleveland’s own Ezri stops by the L.A. Leakers to snap over Billboards number four record on the Hot 100. The young spitter goes off over J.Cole’s “Middle Child“ instrumental, a daring but fitting choice. Ikons like Nas have taken a liking to Ezri and it’s freestyles like this one that prove that the interest is clearly deserved.

He uses colorful wordplay, gritty metaphors and expertly switches his flows amid being extremely comfortable in his delivery. This kind of hunger in an artist produces legends; only time will tell. Check out Ezri’s freestyle below.

Ikonic lyrics:

N***as been countin’ me out
Countin’ my bullets, I’m loading my clip
I just walked in a million dollar meeting
I’m wearing my grill and I’m holding my d***
I be on Instagram scrolling
And making a list of the women I want when I’m rich
How all these n***as got money in common
But when they get dressed ain’t got no common sense?

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