IKONIC REVIEW: Qveen Herby ‘EP 5’

“Bring your dreams, leave behind your baggage.”  – Qveen Herby “310”

An artist like Qveen Herby divorces her talent from the masses with her experimental execution, audacious lyricism, versatility from singer to rapper and her sui generis vocals. No novice to the music industry with four previous EP’s under her belt , features and classic freestyles like her Nicki Minaj “LLC Remix” she makes sure with each project her music hearkens like evolution.

From body-swaying tracks like “My Man” to hard-thumping cocky anthems like “BDE” Herby sonically captures various vibes of love, confidence, hustle and elevation. The West Coast flavored hit “310” marvels in the plush but inevitable lunacy of the superstar city. “Brunette Ambition” starts off with an ethereal vibe then climaxes into a drowsy but catchy, ambitious imbued hook. Lastly, “On God” aurally plays in her vocal finesse, knack for song structure and reminds listeners of her strength and incessant grind.

This is a body of work that will catapult this star to even higher galaxies. Check out Qveen Herby’s latest EP release below or on your desired music distribution platform such as iTunes, Tidal, Spotify, etc.

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