Keaira LaShae Drops Highly Anticipated Visual to New Single “BIG FACTS”

Real love still lurks in the homes and hearts of many – Keaira LaShae proves that in new Kendrick444 produced single “BIG FACTS.” The Jodeci reminiscent banger pulls on a dash of nostalgia but sonically a record all her own. The self-penned track details a deep love doused in eternity. There’s no cap on the love LaShae has for her beau.

The stunning Derek Baines directed visual reveals the “Real One” singers flair for style and dance. Each look is brimming in jaw dropping appeal. LaShae, mother, entrepreneur, author, fitness guru and freakishly talented artist bears it all in this record in the best way and that’s BIG FACTS.


“BIG FACTS” is available on all music distribution platforms.



You make me wanna take off my halo

Do some bad things to you

Whenever you’re around.. I can’t even play it cool

Boy you got me gone off the lovin’ you be givin me

The way I feel for you stronger than a shot of Hennessy

Baby won’t you fill up my cup
I don’t need a chaser 

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