Real RnB Lives in AdéintheLyfe’s New EP ‘Week at the Mansion’

Subsisting in a generation who utilizes auto-tune as a crunch not an aide amid an abundance of artists who sound one way in the studio and another way live, it’s refreshing to hear a real singer such as AdéintheLyfe. The Freeport, Long Island native singer and songwriter releases his highly anticipated EP Week at the Mansion laced with seven soul-filled, lust-pulsating, real RnB tracks. It’s evident that this rising star is influenced by true RnB greats amidst his conspicuous love for creating music thereby making his sound evocative yet modern. From undeniable tracks like “Safe (Blame It)” to baby-making anthems like “Thick” this entire project represents a vibe and the lyrical details of what he would do for a week in a mansion.

AdéintheLyfe began his run in 2015 with a mixtape entitled Interrupting What You’re Used 2 released on SoundCloud. His latest body of work marvels in his growth and vocal aptitude. He’s performed in the U.K and SOB’s in New York to name a few.

With there being a drought in modern RnB compared to it’s previous eras we count on artists like AdéintheLyfe to begin to bring an end to this seeming dry spell. Indulge in his latest release below. Stream Week at the Mansion on your desired music distribution platforms.

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