Hopsin Returns with New Single and Visual “The Old Us,” States He Never Met His Son

Hopsin, like all truly talented MC’s, knows how to emit narrative into his music. For his latest sonic novel he details a break-up with his ex-girlfriend, Alyce, apologizing for all the pain and turmoil he caused her. “The Old Us,” more than just an emotive record, it’s a record of truth dripping in a relatable yet unfortunate reality of a broken relationship and a two year old son he’s yet to have met.

His , now deleted, Instagram letter read, “He will be damaged from my absence….as I am extremely damaged from his. The hardest part of it all is knowing I have so many people who love me world wide and can sense my genuine heart, but in yours and your family’s eyes, I’m an absolute monster…It’s been 2 years now since our son was born and I haven’t even met him, all because your personal feelings are hurt. That’s EXTREMELY cruel and there is no justifying that part.”

Acknowledging wrongs is vital but forgiveness is key as well. Hopefully this past storm can lead to sunshine after all. Take a listen to Hopsin’s latest self-directed visual release below.

Ikonic lyrics:

I know this is super random
We done had our ups and downs and I done threw some tantrums
I honestly care about you way more than you could fathom
And God knows I ain’t lyin’, if only you could ask Him
I know you think our happiness just comes and goes in occasions
When I leave Earth, I wanna be frozen in place
With a rose in a case full of love notes I wrote for the days I got to be next to you

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