SHY Nodi Releases New Catchy Vibe with “Han Solo”

Everyone loves a record with stuck-on-repeat like tendencies and Stockholm native SHY Nodi has created such an infectious tune with his new vibe “Han Solo,” a record of irresistible melodies bathed in lyrical intent.

Music like a good therapist helps you work through your personal woes.

SHY Nodi reflects on the narrative within this record, “Growing up I’ve always had a hard time fitting in, and it can get lonely. This song is about finding a context in which you can be yourself. I’m very fortunate to have friends that I call family, and a space where I can not only love others, but also love myself.”

This is the acclaimed songwriters third single as a solo artist, following his feature on NEIKED’s 2018 single ‘Old School Love’ and his debut single ‘Complex’, which recently passed over 1 million streams on Spotify alone. “

The medium produced and self, Hannes Roovers, Isac Hördegård written track represents an instant vibe paralleled with an undeniable groove. His debut album will release in late 2019 but in the meantime check out his latest release below; available on your desired music distribution platforms.

Ikonic lyrics:

The city’s always cold but I know you bring the fire

Think I found a match so I won’t need a lighter

If you in my view then it don’t need to be wider

We belong together we should listen to Mariah

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