Futuristic Drops a Fire One Take for His “a lot” Remix

Futuristic last featured for his bouncy anthem “That’s That,” returns with this lyrically undeniable one take over 21 Savage and J.Cole’s hit single “a lot.” The Dub shot studio visual showcases a raw Futuristic spitting nothing but substance-brimmed fire over the classic instrumental. With this single being such a fan favorite amid J.Cole’s legendary verse only the elite should attempt to rap over such a thriving record.

Futuristic, one of the most adept MC’s of our generation, resonates with the rising music industry crème de la crème thus making him a prime candidate to take on this track. It’s been no facile journey to his current status and he reflects upon those trials and triumphs; take a listen below.

Ikonic lyrics:

How many times did I doubt my approach , try to change it to keep em’ around

Switch up my sound, How many comments I read on the web that had me feeling down

How was I deep in depression, so deep in depression, the sea of depression I drown

How many n****s that live in my state, tried to hit me with hate while they come for the crown (a lot)

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