Jesse Pepe Delivers a Riveting, Jaw-Dropping, Eye-Opening Performance in his Latest Release “To The Kids”

Music with a wow factor is inevitably ikonic.

As an artist, creative, writer and musician – what makes your music different? Why do you make music if it isn’t for the impact and the brutal honesty about the world around you instead of fatuous materialisms and nonsensical mumblings. Jesse Pepe utilizes his music platform to spread awareness about the state of the world , present inequities , pollution and the ever-so-unpopular presence of hatred in his new single “To the Kids.”

This record is a contentious take on the way society treats planet earth and the imagery of that fact takes face in the intense opening scene that reflects on how we bash the stunning aesthetics of the world we subsist in through corruption and personal blights. The Mateo Trujillo-Hobbs directed visual marvels in the immaculate and pictorial scene of Pepe‘s sermon like First United Methodist Church of North Hollywood shot delivery. Sifting from altar monologue confessions to autopsies and back again Pepe lyrically speaks to his unborn’s, to the wicked souls that cascade through this desolate yet overpopulated land of heathens, hoggish souls and the few that stay woke. His compelling delivery and intrepid lyricism yank you into his moment and cause you to reflect on the current status of our planet.

Everything in life is cyclical, be what you want to receive. We are one generation not the only one.

Fighting to fall in place yet potentially falling apart. A world of anarchy and pandemonium, is it really a safe place for children?

Ikonic lyrics:

To my son, to my daughter I’d love to hear you call me Dad but if I decide to take a pass this is to the kids that I might never have

Sometimes I think I should have you, because I’d raise you better

You’d be kinder, smarter, woke as f***, a world trendsetter

Little superhero’s making the world greater than you left it / Beacons of light amidst the reckless

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