Kari Faux Releases Unapologetically Personal EP ‘Cry 4 Help’

Little Rock, Arkansas-born and Los Angeles-based rapper, singer and record producer Kari Faux releases her highly anticipated new EP Cry 4 Help, laced with five diary-like and unapologetically open tracks amid one lone feature from Curren$y. This body of work, forthcoming in nature and therapeutic in delivery, gifts us another flavor of the multifaceted gem.

“I felt like I was kind of spiraling,” Faux shared with NPR Music, breaking down the realities of her last project. “These past traumas were just coming up that, I guess, I hadn’t realized I hadn’t dealt with. I’ve always felt like I was never able to put my real, real life into my music, so this was kind of like a test for me to see like, ‘Okay, can you write about the shit [that] has actually happened to you?’ … Once you go down that rabbit hole of analyzing yourself, it’s kind of hard to put yourself back together and still feel like you’re deserving of love and respect…But you can’t depend on anybody else to make sure that you’re okay. It’s really nobody else’s job.”

From stuck-in-your-head tracks like “Medicated” to emotive closing tracks like “Latch Key” the vibe is undeniable and the candidness is most admirable. Take a listen below.


1. Medicated
2. Leave Me Alone
3. In the Air featuring Curren$y
4. Night Time
5. Latch Key

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