Janine’s Pensive Depiction of Heartbreak and Revival Blares in “Never the Right Time” Official Visual

Janine’s music holds your soul captive for a moment and jerks you into the penned narrative amidst her euphoric, stirring, stunningly-ranged vocals creating an orgasmic listening experience.

Her debut album 99, released last year but with a body of work this immortal it doesn’t matter that the visual’s just now surfacing for one of the fan favorite records “Never the Right Time.” The self and Paul Capra directed visual sifts through the lyrical imagery present in this tune from breakups to intimacy to friendships to staggering self emergence.

Janine reflects, “When I came up with the concept I was obsessed with the aesthetic of jumping between worlds, from the bathtub to the ocean…The amazing thing is that it started as a visual concept and turned out to be my emotional story and awakening at the same time.” She continues, “While the song is actually about being torn as to whether to take a friendship any further for fear of ruining things, and not about the emotional connection and self-love cycle after a breakup, I think the two concepts merge beautifully.”

The battle of taking a friendship to the next level plagues most relationships and the unforeseen and or foreshadowed breakup holds no unique remedy of quick get-overs. The visuals imagery filled contradictions are what awards this video its ubiquitous allure. With a voice like butter, her music tends to evoke rerun tendencies and her willingness to be unapologetically transparent brings fans closer to her sonic being all the while gifting listeners records they can vibe to.

Time, an element we don’t control yet controls so much of us, is it ever quite right? Indulge in Janine’s latest visual above.

Refer to the photos below from her Instagram story to learn about the entire experience and process for conceptualizing and bringing this visual to life.

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