Lennon Stella Gifts Us a Bold New Girl Power Anthem with “B****”

All your music needs to be as audacious as your soul.

The 19-year-old singer-songwriter and actress Lennon Stella releases her highly anticipated new single “B****” doused in a call-to-action approach to blatant disrespect – don’t stand for it.

Lennon Stella reflects, “This song is about girl power…It’s the idea that when a guy calls a girl a bitch, she stands up for herself and calls him one right back. I can’t explain in words how stoked I am to have this song out! It’s a fun one.”   

“B****,” the first dose of new music since releasing her debut EP Love, me in November of last year, proves to be quite the pop contagious canticle. It’s easy to fall in love with the Rob Knox produced record with its’ roller-coaster like listening experience amid Stella’s breathy, alluring vocals.

Check out her latest release below and catch her headlining tour in Toronto on March 19th.

Ikonic lyrics:

Driving through the canyon, you said it like a joke
Everything gets blurry, you don’t even know
How am I gonna compromise? I know you won’t apologize
You sent me down the river to see if I would float away
You know that it hurts when you laugh when I cry
So tell me why, tell me why

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