BJ The Chicago Kid Gifts Us a Male Take on Ella Mai’s “Close”

BJ The Chicago Kid’s allure rests in his ability to harness a voice that hearkens like butter with a soul that glares out boldly in his music. Today he gifts us his take on Ella Mai’s classic single “Close.” The beauty of BJ’s version lies in his sonic vulnerability – you feel his music, you don’t just hear it.

Obviously compelled to give his take, it warrants a worthy listen with his smooth, stunning vocals amid his innate aptitude to glide over production, this record oozes with passion, realizations and truths. 

Most artists merely replicate what’s heard in a song instead of truly presenting a rendition idiosyncratic to them. BJ’s voice unites with an undeniable vibe making “Close” a must listen.

Check it out below.

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