Lacy Cavalier Has a Voice of Pure Butter on New Single “Blue Suede Couch”

Ikonic singers melt your soul.

Louisiana-born singer-songwriter Lacy Cavalier releases her aurally stunning and unparalleled new record “Blue Suede Couch” doused in personal relational narrative and deliberate lyricism amid a soul-shifting performance. With previous successful releases like “André,” amid her highly anticipated EP K, I’m Done in the works, we expected nothing but greatness from this track and she delivers.

Lacy reflects, “Blue Suede Couch’ articulates the role that my couch played in my 3 year rollercoaster of a relationship. The couch saw it all from start to finish. It’s where we had those first crucial conversations when you know you’re falling in love with the person that’s sitting beside you. It’s where we’d plop down after coming home drunk at 2am in a fight about something stupid. It’s where he’d sleep until it’s where we’d talk it out. It’s where he finally fessed up, broke my heart, and it ended. It’s where I sat and reflected, wrote this song, and healed. I’ve moved 3 times since he first sat on this couch, I still have it, heck I’m sitting on it right now. To be honest, I thought I would’ve been able to afford a new one by now! ?

Music that speaks to your past or current relationship situations does more than provide a record to listen to but a record to relate to.

The 21-year-old natural talent has garnered millions of streams over her breadth of music from records like “Cheating On U” and “Every Time It Rains,” the success is in the musical seams that only she can stitch. Real singers that don’t need the constant medication of auto-tune and audio engineer padding are a rarity. Lacy’s well-ranged vocals divorce her from the modern day heap. Indulge below.

 Ikonic lyrics:

I can just picture it nowOn this blue suede couch
You were telling me about how
You see a family with me in a little Georgia town
And that day in the same place
You came in with a bouquet on daisies
We played and talked about one day

Tour Dates w/ Morgan Wallen:

3/27 San Diego, CA @ Moonshine Beach

3/28 Phoenix, AZ @ The Van Buren

3/29 Las Vegas, NV @ House of Blues

3/30 Salt Lake City, UT @ The Depot

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