Yungeen Ace Details His Troubling Past in New Single “So Long”

Hearing pain in music brings forth that artists humanity and fearlessness to let it all hang out, to be transparent, to use music as a therapeutic entity. Yungeen Ace’s new single “So Long” marvels in the revealing of the aforementioned pain. The young MC details his troubling, gritty past allowing listeners to feel his narrative.

Yungeen Ace tells HYPEBEAST, “At 21, I’ve experienced more pain than people twice my age – but I know thats what makes me special. God wanted to make sure I was battle tested and war ready, and now I know nothing can stop me. I’ve already dealt with death, prison, violence, poverty and abuse – what else can the devil do to stop me? Every time I think he has one up on me, God shows me he has a bigger plan.”

“So Long” marks his first major release since last December’s Life I’m Livin project. Some of the world’s most fabled musicians have experienced a world of anguish yet still they rise gifting their generation and those to come music they can relate to.

Listen to Yungeen Ace’s new single here.  

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