Grace May Depicts Feelings of Loneliness in New Single “Quiet”

Artists are still sangin’ in this generation.

When an artist can sing, that’s one talent but when they can sang, that erupts a volcanic-like response to the soul. Sanger-songwriter Grace May releases her latest single “Quiet” doused in sultry oscillating vocals juxtaposed with pensive,deliberate lyricism. The Toronto born and New York based artist pulls from the inspiration of Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now” for this particular tune.

Battling personal woes alone can be a heavy burden, one that most don’t want to bestow upon friends and family. Some people struggle in silence to let others be blind in their presence to the truth behind the smile.

The R&B, neo-soul artist and Berklee College of Music graduate exudes that formal education married with her innate flair. At a blossoming 22 years of age her music still hearkens like years of time well spent and personal moments not unnoticed.

Following the release of her single “High Tide” which features on UNION, an album released by Berklee’s record label: Heavy Rotation Records, this record “Quiet” represents the makings of something timeless. The Kady Joy Lau and Kenny Harmon mixed single accompanied by the complimentary guitar stylings of Ben Suarez brings the self-written tune around full circle. Indulge below.

Ikonic lyrics:

Broken, what does it mean?
To be broken, do you need to be
In a million pieces for the world to see
Or is it a quiet thing?
Cry for help how do I do that 
Without playing the victim or exposing myself
Ok so I’m hurting
But I don’t want to be a burden

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