Devvon Terrell Scared Fans for a Second but Returns with an Emotive New Track “Take Me Serious”

About a month ago Devvon Terrell released a video informing fans that he would no longer be making music. No one wanted to accept that as a reality and hoped that the young G.O.A.T would come back around.

With the recent release of his mental peaking video, “Why i need you guys more than EVER NOW,” he delves into his past decision to stop making music and tells us why. In that video, he discusses topics of self-loss, social media influence and being out of touch with reality to name a few.

Truth is, the amount of talent Devvon embodies could be comparable to few thus the world should truly feel his pulse by now.

This generation, more than any previous ones, doesn’t give enough notoriety to true talents of our times. More than an artist Devvon is also a producer, engineer, videographer and marketing mastermind to name a few who makes a living off of what he loves – music.

His latest Jaydot produced release “Take Me Serious” taps into his vulnerable side accompanied by his unblemished, well-ranged vocals. The self directed and edited visual views like an effects riddled, up close take on the young superstar. Bathed in the execution of RnB with a message more so targeted towards encouraging fans and naysayers alike to take his artistry serious, take his craft serious, take his commitment serious, take his fleshly ways serious, take him serious.

This record is music about music.

You’ll never find a love like music love. Respecting his artistry and polished sound comes naturally. A pleasant listen and a definite statement of, “I’m here to stay,” and we’re happy to have him.

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