Spencer Crandall Yearns for Someone Real in New Single “More”

Spencer Crandall releases his new single “More” and it’s destined to become a classic. Most people love country music for the lyrical narratives and ardent transparency.

In this latest release Crandall tells a tale of wanting a women he can take home not just a women he can drink and party with. He sings, “A little less friends with benefits, a little more meet my Momma, a lot more sleeping in no more sneaking out in the morning.”

Quick situationships and one night stands are fun at first but after a while it gets old and the desire for someone authentic and loyal begins to creep around the subconscious. “More,” a record that goes against the grain of our times in the most quintessential of ways.

Crandall’s album More will release on April 12th, in the meantime indulge in his latest release below.

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