Happy Birthday Billie Holiday!

The auntie of blues music, the one and only Billie Holiday, Happy birthday!

Everyone knows that Billie Holiday is one of my favorite artists not just for her eternal music and timeless raspy vocals but for her rebellious soul and activist approach content wise that divorced her from the hoi polloi of her generation.

Billie gave a face to the word controversy with  haunting tunes like “Strange Fruit” that lyrical detailed racial discrimination and lynchings. However, she swims in versatility thus she has fervent ballads like “Good Morning Heartache” and “All of Me” as well. From drug use to prostitution Billie lived a hard life but it made for good records and it also made for daring contributions to music. Lady Day wasn’t afraid to be who she was during a time period where women were viewed in only one way – domestically.

Billie wasn’t dainty and frilly but beautifully bold.

Let’s take this day to remember her legacy and indulge in her music.

Take a listen to some Billie classics below.

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