Chika Releases Blunt Debut Single “No Squares”

Chika, last featured for her Funk Flex Freestyle last May and a featured musician on my ‘Artists’ to Watch Out for In 2019,” returns with her highly anticipated debut single “No Squares” which marvels in her rapper to crooner versatility.

Chika gushes with excitement stating, “Thank you all so much for your patience, it’s been a long wait and I could literally scream. Can’t wait to birth this dream baby.”

The Alabama native artist , widely known for her 60 second Instragram freestyles over classic beats like The Notorious B.I.G’s “Juicy,” Cardi B’s “Please Me” and J. Cole’s “Middle Child” finally releases her premiere original record. “No Squares” lyrical details her tenacity, music industry awareness and lack of tolerance for squares in her circle. Fame will be inevitable for this talented young gem, a worthy candidate. Chika gives a pulse to this generation of musicians thus making her not only famous but eventually timeless. Check out her debut release below.

Chika raps:

Tell em’ cut my motha f***in mic up / You can leave the lights up

This so everybody in the room can keep they eyes up

Imma drop a banger just so I can get my price up

Damn I got wise up, if I wanna rise up

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