Justin Roberts Releases New Visual “Way Too Much” featuring Jordyn Woods & Sofia Jamora

Subsisting in a generation dripping in Instagram fame and Social Media clout makes for one overwhelming elixir and Justin Roberts touches on that truth in new visual “Way Too Much.” The 16-year-old Youtube and Social Media sensation has been splashing around the music pool for a short while but like a magnet fame and success seem to stick to him. “Way Too Much” is a record that details the ramifications of teenage acclaim and social media prominence. The visual also features the likes of public figures Jordyn Woods and Sofia Jamora who know a thing or two about the consequences of popularity.

Roberts reflects on the visual, “I’m like in a toy factory, getting assembled, piece by piece, like, they’re putting my arm in, they’re putting my legs on, and I’m just kinda going down this conveyor belt of like, this toy factory. Everyone’s in this toy factory, we’re all toys.”

Another record that appears to meld genres this tune hearkens like a pop-trap-hip-hop fusion. Take a listen below.

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