Sophia Danai Releases Spellbinding New EP ‘Real Eyes’

Creating music in an era that’s begun to breakdown genre boxes makes for the perfect time for crooner Sophia Danai to conceive it.

When an undeniable soul marries a boundless songwriter with one hell of a voice Sophia Danai would be the spawn of the fruits of that union. Last featured for her heartfelt, soul-yanking record entitled “WYIL (When You’re In Love),” Danai returns with the full length EP Real Eyes. Don’t let age fool you, this 20-year-old singer-songwriter has viewed life, it’s woes and highs, up close and personal from ending a hectic marriage to clawing out of a bad production deal. With her pensive and poetic lyricism with lines like, “When I look at you, I’m seeing what you hate in me, it’s funny how mirrors reflect what you don’t want to see,” she snatches you into her moment. Her voice commands the room and keeps listeners intrigued and gushing over her innate talent.

When listening to this EP you’ll feel her gutsy transparency and willingness to let us see her in this body of work instead of a hodgepodge of meaningless pop tunes thrown in a pot together. Danai gifts you a cinematic like compilation of roller-coaster like proportions. From fan favorites like “Guns and Gold” to riveting realizations like “Daughter” she allows her versatility to swank through in each track. Subsisting in a generation chockablock with short-lived-fame-seekers and hollow musical banter, it’s refreshing to hear an artist like Danai. Indulge in her latest release below.

Check out some of the EP’s visuals below as well.

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