Lizzo’s New Album ‘Cuz I Love You,” Classic, Timeless & Necessary

Lizzo, that intrepid artist that brims with a fearless nature and obvious endless amount of creativity, finally releases her highly anticipated new album Cuz I Love You featuring Missy Elliot and Gucci Mane. The Houston native rapper, singer, actor, flautist and songwriter sets not limits for herself thus catapulting her lightyears ahead of any potential competition.

Lizzo reflects, “I was like, ‘I’m afraid of my voice. I’m afraid of people thinking that I’m one thing…I had to just lose that fear, because the more people get to know me, the more they’ll realize I have many, many, many levels to me.

Compartmentalizing a talent such as Lizzo would be impossible and the versatility present in this album proves just that from vocally daring opening tracks like “Cuz I Love You” to ageless, nostalgic tunes like “Juice” she’s inspiring, dauntless and beautiful. Her experimental musical efforts are what clearly divorces her from the modern day flock. Check out her latest body of work below, available on all music distribution sites.

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