JatzDaKid “Before It’s Too Late” ft. Sophie Demasi

Music that creates a vibe leads to an eyes-closed, head-bobbing, body-swaying frenzy. JatzDaKid’s first release of the year “Before It’s Too Late” featuring the vocally immaculate Sophie Demasi creates those vibe-like tendencies. “Before It’s Too Late” tells the tale of a passionate relationship thats running out of time, patience and forgiveness. The sultry yet pain-filled vocals from Demasi allow this record to aurally cascade through the different emotions of heartbreak, love and agony. JatzDaKid gifts listeners the male perspective of this tumultuous love tale during his verse.

London artists like JatzDaKid make a United States premier due to the universal appeal of his records amid also opening for the likes of New York rapper and international success Jay Critch at Camden’s Electric Ballroom last year.

Jatz states, “I feel like every year, you’re fighting with a huge number of artists around the world trying to create a new sound, new wave, new whatever you call it…so I’ve taken these small but important steps that stay true to myself and my wave.”

He’s creating his own wave, calling on complimentary voices to aide in his creativity and not taking his foot off the gas. Take a listen to his latest release below.

Twitter: @jatzdakiid Insta: @jatzdakid

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