JonoJosh Releases High Energy New Single “Restart”

Toronto singer, songwriter, dancer and choreographer JonoJosh releases this new undeniable record “Restart” brimming with emotive vocals and a climaxing pop chorus. No novice to the art of creativity having performed as a dancer/choreographer alongside Marianas Trench, PSY and Carly Rae Jepsen. However, he also possessed deep songwriting desires. “Restart” proves that songwriting is indeed a wise choice doused in ageless possibilities if he continues to create music of this universal caliber.

Of the record JonoJosh reflect, “Sometimes you just want to dance. Restart is all about finding your feet again and admitting when you’re ready for a fresh start. Which is what makes the drop so satisfying because by the time you arrive there hopefully you’ll feel like you wanna move. If you’re looking for something to get you going this is your stop. So buckle up and press play!”

In 2016 JonoJosh released his debut EP OUTSIDE which oozed with content of self exploration and coming of age. He’s kept that momentum releasing singles such as “Gold” and “Better.” ”Restart” bathes in a soulful execution amid a swelling pop infusion, a classic tune; indulge below.  

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