The pulse of hip-hop thumps emphatically in Neak’s third independently released album KWESBAAR laced with 13 self-produced tracks featuring GLCRita J.Rashid HadeeErthe St. JamesPeter Jericho and more. Some hip-hop enthusiasts have given up on the current generation of rap believing that it’s overly saturated with mumble bars and substance-lacking, instant fame-seekers.

However, this generation just requires more digging.

Real hip-hop isn’t always blaring from your favorite radio station or trending on Youtube but real hip-hop can be on your personal playlists and you can share that music you find so daringly eccentric.

Today, features the brilliant creative – Neak. This audacious soul represents the modern generation in a nostalgic, overwhelmingly talented and hopeful since. If you love Common, Nas, Wale, Mos Def and Talib Kweli then you’ll instantly fall in love with this extremely adept artist and his latest compilation. KWESBAAR which means vulnerable deems the perfect title to a body of work drenched in candid lyrical nakedness. From poignantly written records like “War” to redolent Kool and The Gang tributes like “Dreamer’s Sadness,” this project hearkens with a 90’s time capsule like appeal amid a present release date.

Your head will bob, your face will turn up in admirable disgust and you’ll have a new dope musician to add to your list of favorites.

Neak reflects on his latest body of work, “…my goal was to design a musical platform that allowed me to discuss my greatest insecurities, agonizing internal fears, and many trials and tribulations of people through many walks of life. Employing fluent rhyme schemes on striking subjects like, “Lost Fathers,” and “Gold,” to crafting a tribute to soul/jazz/funk legend “Kool and The Gang” on “Dreamer’s Sadness” where I orchestrate vintage synth leads, I play myself, KWESBAAR pushes my musical prowess to a level beyond my past; demonstrating my love for retro production and true-to-life raps.”

KWESBAAR introduces Neak as an all-inclusive producer that expertly uses his life’s scenery as a study-hall and soundtrack to life as he knows it; indulge below.

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