Joyner Lucas Releases Another Grammy Nomination Worthy Record with “Devil’s Work”

Joyner Lucas represents the definition of why hip-hop will forever be one of the most vital, influential, controversial, ikonic and necessary genres of music. The recent Grammy nominee for his valiantly penned and litigious visual “I’m Not Racist” returns with the dawn release off his forthcoming album ADHD with “Devil’s Work.”

This latest release, when listened to now or decades from now, will sum up the pain, injustice, questions, uncertainty and disappointment most of us feel for the current state of our generation and the fallen angels we believe should still be present roaming the earth deservingly versus those roaming it wickedly like Trump, George Zimmerman and the infamous Suge Knight to name a few. Lucas spews out his disdain for the aforementioned names and details his longing for the reincarnation of greats like Aaliyah, Nipsey Hussle, 2Pac, Pun and Selena. In the visual, he drunkenly stammers through a church beseeching God for help, clarity and understanding. An emotive visual, a vividly penned record, an uproar of feedback and a tale bundled in needed-to-be-stated sincerities; take a listen to “Devil’s Work” below.

Ikonic lyrics:

I think you should trade
Give us 2Pac back, and take that nigga Suge (Ooh!)
Let the legend resurrect and he gon’ live for good (Ooh!)
I been screaming “Thug life “in every different hood (Thug life, thug life)

If only you could bring him back, Lord I wish you would
Give us Biggie, give us Pun, give us triple X

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