ANE Releases the First Single Off Her Approaching EP with “It Is What It Is”

Ane, an acronym for “A New Era,” last featured for her mesmerizing and intoxicating single “Physical” returns with another original track entitled “It Is What It Is.” With her EP Lonely Lovers Fantasy set to release on May 20th this first single helps set the tone of expectation. The Malcolm Fong produced record is an autobiographical tale about navigating through the modern generation of option-brimmed, rapid-fire, non-committal dating. The young starlet’s knack for placing open wounds on a track allows listeners to really feel her music and respect her transparency.

Ane’s sultry vocals and falsetto tendencies gift her music soft vibes but lyrically she’s candid and unapologetically honest. Raised in a strict, Korean-American home in New Jersey with no musical background, she still flourishes despite the lack of formal training because this kind of talent rests in her deep seated subconscious – she’s meant to make music. Check out her latest release and stay tuned for her approaching EP release.

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