Australia’s Got a Gem in Its Mist – IKONIC VISUAL: Kaiit – “Miss Shiney”

Musician’s turn a blank canvas into art, turn an empty beat into a hit record, give plainspoken words melody and the arrantly decorated soul Kaiit does all of this oh-so effortlessly. Unlike Doctor and Lawyer dreams that rest in a set-in-stone path of achievement, music represents the chaotic, formless huddle of ambition, natural talent, passion and resilience.

Her debut album Live From Her Room introduced listeners to her world, to the hemisphere in which she thrives and subsists allowing you to not only hear her music but begin to appreciate her journey – it wasn’t overnight. Her most recent track “Miss Shiney” reveals the pleasant growth in that voyage.

How can you not love soul music?

The Melbourne native singer, songwriter and creative releases the visual to her popular new single “Miss Shiney.” The Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore directed video marvels in Kaiit’s eccentric and atypical style, vibe, aura and aesthetic. The strange yet brilliant visual displays painted self-portraits, flower-doused classic cars and Kaiit in the midst of several live mannequins frozen while the young crooner bellows out her truths. This record’s appeal submerged in stunning, soul-imbued vocals, potent lyricism and empathetic metaphors hearkens like unapologetic feel-good music – the sounds contagious. “Miss Shiney” drips in stuck-on-replay tendencies; check it out below.

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