Ikonic Album Review: Lucky Daye ‘Painted’

Good music leads to faces turned up, eyes closed and head-bobbing frenzies amid simultaneously shaking your head trying to wrap your mind around the level of genius your listening to – that’s what it’s like when you indulge in Lucky Daye’s new album Painted. This body of work blends genres of soul, pop, funk and hip-hop into the perfect album smoothie.

The New Orleans native blesses the mic with spine-chilling vocals, amazing range and his expert ear for what truly sounds damn good thus divorcing his sound from the hoi polloi of this current generation. He lives in one of those boundless hemispheres of music where archaic song structures are abandoned and pure emotion and narrative lead the sonic path. 

From experimental vibes like “Roll Some Mo’“ to certified hits like “Concentrate,” this album fills you up in the best way. More than just a singer but a true artist that melds instrumentation with some MC like tendencies as well. Daye raps in “Paint It,””She chose you, yeah, you a first round draft pickYou never chose her, you always settle for average,Now you say you never leave her and you swore on the Bible,How you gon’ be B&J when you don’t want no title?” He doesn’t just attempt to rap but actually presents a flow better than most so-called rappers out today.

There’s no better title for this album.

Each record a stroke on an empty canvas but by the end of the album – a masterpiece. A masterpiece doused in a fearless approach to this music thing as Daye dips into pools of deep funk, RnB, pop and rap gifting listeners a pleasantly bipolar-like listening experience.

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