Cardi B’s New & Inevitable Hit “Press” Will Give Her More of Just That

What a time to be Cardi B – she literally can not lose.

Cardi released a snippet of this new single “Press” on her Instagram back in December of 2018 and broke records with over 100,000,000 views on that video alone. Now here we are months later and the wait is finally over but well worth it. As the “Bodak Yellow” starlet gears up for her next album release, it’s records like this that prove she’s not the one-off some naysayers thought she’d be.

With previous successful recent releases like “Wish Wish,” “Clout,” “Please Me” and “Money” she’s well on her way to becoming one of the highest selling female rappers of our generation.

“Press” gleams with haughty undertones and that eccentric personality we all love so much. She raps,” Press, Press, Press, Press, Press, Cardi don’t need mo’ press / Kill em all, put them hoes to rest/ Walk in bullet proof vest / Please tell me who she gone check/ Murder scene Cardi made a mess / Pop up, guess who b****!” It’s an infectious new anthem that will catapult Cardi to even higher heights. The gritty flow delivered in this single reminds listeners that her hunger remains intact and rather insatiable. Her speedy evolution beams through with each record. If we thought 2018 was a phenomenal year for the Bronx firecracker, 2019 will serve as another epic year of ground-breaking proportions. Check out her latest release below.

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