Feel Jas “Dirty Poetry: a Very Short Film” feat. Ari Chi, AkoSlice, XIV Starring King Daddi

What does creativity look like to you, what does it feel like, what does it sound like? If you’re unsure; indulge in the sounds of Feel Jas and her comrades.

These artists collectively represent what creativity looks like, feels like and sounds like. Last featured for her unapologetically revealing album Dirty Poetry, she returns with its short film directed by Ari Mairena-Dannon.  The soundtrack features “Arielle’s Interlude” feat. Ari Chi,  “Homies” feat. AkoSlice prod. by DJ Wes and “Let it Be” feat. XIV prod. by Eks.

Each record depicts different narratives of love, musical fever, modern generation desensitizations, fun and joy amid sifting from pastoral opening scenes, to live house party’s and an angelic like conclusion. It’s a stunning visual that marvels in the creative efforts of a pool of innovators. It’s moments like this in the current generation of music that gives true sonic enthusiasts hope that real content hasn’t been jogged over by numbness. Check it out below.

Listen to Dirty Poetry

3 thoughts on “Feel Jas “Dirty Poetry: a Very Short Film” feat. Ari Chi, AkoSlice, XIV Starring King Daddi

  1. Didn’t really know what to expect, but what I received was an immersion of unlimited, uninhibited and incomparable pure genius. Elevation…next level!!!!


  2. We are getting a chance to witness the hard work and genius of some very talented people. I’m sure their greatness will wow us for many years to come to come… I’m a FAN for life.


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