Lehla Samia Releases a Real RnB Banger with New Single “Dear MCM”

If you love the sounds of 90’s RnB singers and early 2000’s crooners, you’ll love the vocals of Lehla Samia.

Let’s strip an artist of studio additives, auto-tune and engineering “sauce.” If given just a mic and a beat – could they flourish? Most would sink but Lehla Samia can rise to the occasion.

The viral Instagram sensation who has covered the likes of Summer Walker’s “Girls Need Love” to Lil Baby’s “Close Friends,” amassing over a million views on her IG videos alone, surfaces with an original track entitled “Dear MCM.” She remains just as lyrically tenacious as she does in her covered works and pleasantly enough her original music boasts with the same hit-worthy tendencies.

Love, love’s, Love.

Artist’s like Lehla bring passion to music, bring raw, stunning vocals to music, bring soulful narrative to music and it’s refreshing. “Dear MCM” listens like an ardent open love letter to the man who warms her heart even through the cold times.

She sings, “I know that loving me isn’t an easy job / but you did what you did and you made it work / All the fighting and the fussing cuz I wasn’t into trusting / It was hard for me to love him but we made it work.”

An inevitable RnB anthem and an uplifting canticle for Black Love amid a flawless performance from Lehla; indulge below.



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