Arlo Parks – “george”

Why do you listen to music, for the adventure, for the therapy, for the comfort?

Listening to Arlo Parks new single “george” takes you on an aural journey doused in exploits, healing and solace as she vocally dances over minimal swelling production telling the narrative of a relationship mangled lover of love entangling herself in a pool of pause-play-pause-play kind of canoodling.

The 18-year-old gem and admirer of all things literature reveals her evident attentiveness to the arts with the records titling referencing the crude 19th century poet Lord George Byron but her age doesn’t seem as apparent. She brims with a calm maturity but the truth is, age doesn’t always bring forth wisdom or experience, for one can be 18 and sagacious but 30 and ignorant.

The Molly Burdett directed visual captures Arlo’s pensive lyricism in a stunningly cinematic take of tug of war between the defaced heart of one pained soul that clearly doesn’t mind spreading that agony into each “situationship.”

 Arlo reflects, “…so “george” is out and I got a bit weepy at the response to be honest. this song is about the damaged doing damage obliviously – it’s close to my heart and for once I’m not embarrassed to say I’m proud of something. Thank you to my kings at @youtubemusic for blessing me with the uk hotlist n the “new music this week playlist – y’all know how to give me the attention I need.”

 “george” will inevitably lead to stuck-on-repeat tendencies; indulge below.

Ikonic lyrics:

I’m so sick of being down and watching you get arrested

I’m disgusted by you now with your rose quartz and overalls

But you leave a bit of blood in every room

Purple roses underneath your shoes
When I see the petals by the pool I know that you’ve been

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