Miss Ikonic’s Dream List of Artist Collaborations, Part 1

In a world of perfect musical collaborations, I would love to hear the following artists create music together. The DJ Khaled’s of the world have this level of artist collaborative power, thus hopefully he sees this list. Below I have included a super ikonic list that includes mainstream artists and of course indie artists as well. We all have our favorite artists that we love to listen to and although they might not all know each other personally, imagine if they collaborated on a record or a project together – that would be epic. Check out my list below and comment your dream list of artist collaborations as well, I want to know!

  1. Lucky Daye, Eric Bellinger, Devvon Terrell & Brent Faiyaz: This collaborative effort would be literally ear-gasmic. Each one of these artists brings a different take on RnB and soul music. They are all lyrically gifted and undeniably creative.

  2. Jacob Banks, Bibi Bourelly, Mick Jenkins & Greg Whiskey: A little U.K meets USA never hurt anybody and putting these particular artists together on a record and or project would set the lovers of real, authentic music on fire. From Banks rustic vocals to Whiskey’s brawny tone to Bibi’s raw nature and Jenkins experimental tendencies this would be the perfect pool of sonic flavors.

  3. Jaylii , Megan The Stallion, Tosh Thugette & Miss Mulatto: There is no better time than right now to be a female in hip-hop and these rising starlets would make one hell of an EP together. This would be the North meeting the South in what would inevitably be one truly ikonic listening experience.

  4. Tierra Whack, Leikeli 47 & Lizzo: If you love daring, peculiar and fearless personalities partnered with unmatched talent then you would simply adore a collaborative effort from these three gems. Each of these artists can spit but they can harmonize as well – epic!

  5. Neak and Tobe Nwigwe: Conscious hip-hop is forever vital and although few are composing “woke” rap, we have to praise the rare MC’s that do. Lyrically both of these artists are savages; Texas meets Chicago.

  6. Haisha Porter & Ella Mai: These two carry the love of classic RnB and soul music on the backs of their sound. Both are strong vocalists with a witty, intrepid and relatable pen game amid stunning executions – in other words – this duet would be one for the books.

  7. Keaira LaShae & Lehla Samia: Have you ever heard Keisha Cole and Monica’s “Trust,” that’s the type of vibe these two would create together – real love music, real singers, real lyrics, real damn good!

  8. Feel Jas & Noname: I’ve raved about both of the projects from these two artists and they both possess a sound that’s idiosyncratic, honest and valiant. They just create music and say f*** the politics.

  9. DaBaby & Fedd The God: We all know DaBaby and soon enough, the name Fedd The God will ring bells as well. The energy present in a record between these two would set not only the club ablaze but the streets as well. This would be another anthem for the 2000’s!

  10. Chika , Rapsody & Siya: There are some dope female MC’s in our generation and these three rests at the top of that pool. Bars, on bars, on bars, this would be what this generation of hop-hop sounds like in the best way.

Check out the Youtube playlist I created below that features all the aforementioned artists; it’s a vibe – an ikonic vibe!


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