Ikonic Review: Mulatto ‘Big Latto’ EP

Big Latto! Big bag! Big grind! Big music!

Mulatto, last featured for her hit single, “B***** From Da Souf,”  returns with her sure fire EP Big Latto laced with six tracks amid one lone feature from Key Glock. The Atlanta native spitter continues to evolve as an artist and as a woman. Her content remains haughty in nature and bleeds with lyrical word play. The album kicks off with a proud, rep-my-city anthem entitled “ATL Hoe” which listens like the quality sector of sound blasting out of the new ever-so-popular music hub of Atlanta, GA.

If you like EP’s boasting with flavor, then you’ll enjoy this project because Mulatto gifts us sassy-sweet, spicy-confidence and flaming-hot sexy. My favorite record “HYS“,” reeks with that aforementioned spicy-confidence.

She raps, “Touched a $100,000 ‘fore I got my diploma / These rappers be actors putting on personas / Don’t got the pink slip then you ain’t the owner / I do what I want and you do what you can/ I could have gave these b*****s they advance / Middle school when I played in the band, now a young b**** play with them bands.”

She’s gritty! She’s raunchy! She’s bold! She’s here to stay!

For the twerk-lovers, she adds the destined club anthem “Bounce” and the concluding records “Pretty Ricky” and “Longway,” swank in the erotic but still lyrical side of her spectrum. Mulatto, a polymath imbued with the talents of musical creation, songwriting and modelesque appeal, clearly won’t let up anytime soon. Check out her latest release below.



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