It’s Pride month and there’s no better time to celebrate! Celebration includes supporting the LGBTQ community through positive vibes, shedding light over ignorance, spreading love and of course celebrating through entertainment and music.

Slay TV is a Television Network and entertainment conglomerate that’s raising the bar for hi-quality video content about Queer, Trans and Non-binary people of color. From June 16th to June 23rd they’ve hosted a slew of events from innovative gatherings like their Slay TV App Launch party to their highly anticipated Slayfest New Future Concert with the frequently featured Ikonic Music Blog artist Leikeli47 headlining the event. The concert served up acts such as Miss Shalae, Poiison, Bobby Lytes, Sony Cobain, MarcWayne and more!

It was a night doused in epic performances and amazingly authentic energy.

I covered the New Future Concert and I’m truly amazed at the raw talent and quality of music I heard. Being in attendance was an honor and opened my ears to the sounds of more independent artists fighting to birth their music into a one-sided, clout soused, judgmental but eventually rewarding industry. It was a night that reeked with mob-like support and lively energy. From the stunningly soulful vocals of Durand Bernarr to the sure-fire bars from Bobby Lytes to the authentic crowd-adored performance from Leikeli; it was one truly ikonic event. Each artist gifted the stage a different style of music and an idiosyncratic take on sonic expression amid remaining focused on the task at hand – to support our fellow LGTBQ members in music and in life.

If you missed this event be sure to catch some of my favorite highlights on my Instagram @theikonicmusicblog. Check out some music from the artists below as well.

Lastly, please be sure to visit SlayTv’s website, subscribe and tell a friend to tell a friend!

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