IKONIC VISUAL: Cardi B “Press”

It’s here! Cardi B releases the official visual to her latest hit single “Press.” It’s evident ,that even pending some legal troubles, the “Bodak Yellow” superstar appears unbothered , hungry and inspired. Soon enough she’ll probably grace the big screen and turn into one of our favorite actresses as well. Each new visual bleeds in her unapologetic evolution and pure genius amid cinematic-like tendencies.

The visual opens with a heated menage-a-trois between two bombshells and then sifts to a scene of Cardi calmly cocking a gun back. As the visual proceeds a stunningly nude Cardi cascades around alongside some other naked beauties before sliding into the court room to plead her case in a stellar icy get-up. The ironic symbolism and imagery present gifts the Bronx native another layer of boldness. The Jora Frantzis directed visual brought her vision to life and adds another epic work to her growing list.

Indulge below.


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